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Thursday, April 26, 2018
Corrections and Updates to the Weekly E-mail

The Moose Legion Celebration and 5th District meetings are Saturday, April 28th, not April 24th as initially shown below.

Johnson High School Baseball/Softball teams are having a Taco Feed at the Maplewood Moose Lodge - Saturday, April 28th starting at Noon.
See the flyer posted on our web-site at: lodge963.moosepages.org/documents.

Memorial Service for Don Standley, April 28, 2018 11:00 am at Salem Lutheran Church, 11 Bernard St. W, West St Paul 55118
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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First off, the Board of Officers want to thank all the members who have donated money to the Repair and Rebuild fund. It is both greatly needed and appreciated.

The Board is putting together a building planning commission. The City of Maplewood is pushing hard for community redevelopment, They are extremely interested in our property. We no longer need this large of a facility. The cost to heat and cool the Lodge is astronomical. Our membership continues to decline. It has been brought up that perhaps we build a smaller Lodge in the north parking lot and sell the rest to the city. We would keep the horseshoe courts. Numberwise we could pay off our existing mortgage with Moose Intl. and have money to put down on a building – maybe a prefab unit. Moose Intl. would be pleased if we continue as a Lodge. Sorry, people, but at the rate we are going we will end up out of money. It would be awesome to keep our existing address, liquor license and food license. Moving somewhere else may cause a problem renewing our licenses. The two new furnaces and air conditioners would come with us.

I know this all has to be voted on by both Moose Intl. and the Lodge members. We are trying to stay ahead of our future monetary problems. It is time for the members to know what has been taking place recently. All input is welcome. We can use people who have experience in buying, selling or building.

Contact me, Gary Lenart, if you want to be part of the new building planning. Thank you.

Gary Lenart
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